Nov. 22nd, 2014

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We did finish warping the loom. We've taken it many places since and, Penelope-like, are un-weaving afterwards.  At some point we'll finish this piece and warp up another now that it's not so scary.

The photos below the cut are from the Fiber Festival of New England. Six of us did a demo on Sunday November 2 (and two of us did one the day before, but I wasn't there).  This was our first year at this Festival and we hope to be invited back next year.

The SCA group we do fiber demos with has been invited back permanently to the Connecticut Sheep and Wool Festival. They tell us they plan to put all the demonstrators in a big tent so if it rains everyone is dry!

The Eastern States Exposition (The Big E) has also asked us back. We'll probably demo the first Saturday of the fair.

Lots of Photos below the cut! )
Side view of the loom, with Ana Ilevna showing how it works.  That's a drop spindle sticking in one of the holes of the loom.


And here it is, in all it's warped glory.  Waisting bady. We're still trying to figure out how to stop that.  The soapstone loom weights were generously made by Camma an Daraich.

Ana Ilevna showing some of Ælfgiva's sprang.  On the table we have sprang, embroidery, quilting, linen fibers for spinning, nålbinding, wool combs, drop spinning and lucet. We also had several tablet weaving looms set up, a wheel spinning linen, and the warp weighted loom along with a small table full of contact information for most of the SCA groups in New England.

Ælfgiva demonstrating sprang.

Gwenllian spinning with Ælfgiva nålbinding in the background.

Sarah with her quilting.  Note the quilted overdress!

Henna dressing a distaff with linen.  She spun it all on her wheel during the demo.

I was there, too, but I was taking all the photos!


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