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I saw that on a church sign on TV.  Sums up my feelings very well.

We got another 10 inches today--on top of all the rest that's been on the ground since around Christmas. This is officially the snowiest month in this state on record.

Our total:  55 inches!  That doesn't count any of the snow we got in December.

Seven storms (SEVEN!) have dropped at least six inches of snow this season. And we've got more snow forecast for Saturday and Tuesday.  I can barely see my neighbor's SUV over the snow wall between our driveways.

Snow from front porch
Here is what greeted us this morning (after the Governor mercifully closed all State offices unil noon.  Thank you!)  That's the RV covered in snow.

We can now get to the driveway
And now we can get to the driveway.  On the right, that bush you can't see is covered in snow.

digging out the car
Digging out the car.  On your right, you cannot see the rhododendron behind the fence under the pile of snow.

Janet snow pile
Janet is 5' 11" and the snow pile is taller than she is!  Janet is loving the snow.

I am not.  Check out the icicles!
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