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It's time to replace the weaving on our Warp Weighted Loom (WWL).  The SCA has a fiber arts demo at The Big E on September 14th in the New England Center (where they sell the Cream Puffs) and we want to demo weaving on our WWL.

One wants the warps to be evenly spaced to begin the weaving. There are several ways to achieve this; but one of the best ways is to tablet weave a top band and run a supplemental weft that then turns into the warps on the

Step 1. Take a photo of the existing weaving fastened to the loom so we can replicate it with the new stuff!
WW Loom (4)

WWLoom (15)

Step 2. Set up the tablet weaving. Any tablet weaving will do, as long as you've got a supplemental weft running through it.  I chose an easy one.  All the holes in the tablets have the same color. I can turn the entire pack at once. This saves time.

No photo of setting up the tablet weaving. It involved too many tangles and swearing.  Also, for next time, use the larger tablets so I can get a larger shed.

Step 3. Start the tablet weaving with a supplemental weft (which will turn into the warp of the
WWL).  You can see glimpses of the orange weft threads at the top of the tablet weaving.
Tablet Weaving with supplemental weft
The yellow thread is the regular weft for the tablet weaving.  The orange yarn is the supplemental weft that will become the warp on the WWL.

WW Loom Warp
Here's another view.

WWL w upright
And another view. On the floor is one of the two uprights of the Warp Weighted Loom. the length of the orange supplemental weft needs to be at least as long as the upright.

WWLoom (19)
Our cat, supervising.

WWLoom (17)
Our cat, exhausted from supervising.

WWLoom (1)
Ana Ilevna, running back and forth with yarn.

WWLoom (11)

The tablet weaving is removed from the loom and now is sewn to a dowel.

WWLoom (10)

WWLoom (9)
Tying the dowel to the top bar of the loom.

WWLoom (8)

WWLoom (7)

WWLoom (6)
Elizabeth separating the warp threads.  We're doing a tabby weave, so every other thread goes in front of and behind the heddle bar.

WWLoom (4)

WWLoom (21)
Here the heddles are pulled forward.

WWLoom (24)
The phone camera seems incapable of taking non-blurry photos.  Hopefully you can see the heddles anyway. Here they are in the back.  Pull the heddle bar forward, run the weft through, set the heddle bar back, run the weft through. Repeat.

WWLoom (23)
Heddles pulled forward from the front.  Note our lovely loom weights!  Polar soda makes wonderful diet tonic water.
Coming later this week:  Proper soapstone loom weights made by our friend Camma!

WWLoom (22)
And the top of the loom.

Next steps:  Crocheting the heddles, and the front and back warp threads so they hang more evenly.

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