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Janet and I are also members of The Longship Company, a non-profit group that 
owns a faering that ours was based on and also a 40 Viking warship, the 
Sae Hrafn (Sea Raven).

The Longship Company is based in southern Maryland and the Sae Hrafn is 
berthed at the Calvert Marine Museum.

Voyages are FREE, just tell them you're coming.  (  Also, 
if you tell them you're coming and then can't make it, please make sure you tell 
they you are not coming so they don't wait around for you.

Bring two liters of water per person, a lunch, sunscreen and a hat.  Viking 
clothing is not required.  21st century boating clothes are completely fine.

Below is their fall schedule:

In case any of y'all are in the Tidewater this autumn (or just feel like a 
good sail):
All voyages are now from the Calvert Marine Museum.  We enter through the back 
gate by the boat shop.  Please call to confirm voyage; subject to change due to 
weather and other conditions.  All times are for crew assembly.
Sept. 12; Sunday 12:00 - Voyage
Sept. 25; Saturday; Viking Day at Calvert Marine Museum- Reenactment, displays, 
lectures, whatever we can do that is safe and educational.  Short voyages (maybe), 
blacksmithing, interpretation, etc.
Oct. 2; Saturday, 10:00 – Voyage
October 9 – 10, Sat. & Sun.; Patuxent River Appreciation Days – Skeleton crew needed to 
interpret the ship to hordes and herds of visitors!  Too crowded to sail, but a great 
chance for interpretation and recruitment.
October 23-24 -  Hastings 42 (Markland's 41st anniversary)  Battle reenactment and general 
good time held at Kings Landing Park. Possible overnight voyages to sail the Sae Hrafn up 
and back. Possible afternoon and early evening voyage on weekend.
Nov. 6; Saturday, 10:00 – Photo voyage; with power boat as chase, tow and photography-boat.
(For this voyage, Viking clothing would be required.) 
Nov. 21; Sunday, 12:00 – Voyage (Autumn colors and cool weather for rowing and sailing; a 
delightful time of year.)
Dec. 4; Saturday, 10:00 final full voyage and downrigging for end of season and haulout.
December 6 – 18; row to Washburns' Boatyard for haulout and trailer to winter quarters.


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