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I am not going to ComiCon this weekend in San Diego.  I’ve never been to ComiCon in San Diego.  But I’ve been to many other Science Fiction conventions with hall costumes and quirky in-jokes on T-shirts (I have one with a photo of Pluto inscribed with the number 134340 that says “They’ve given you a number and taken away your name.” and if that’s not an obscure in-joke I don’t know what is!  Or someone named Maureen Johnson who recently twittered Neil Gaiman in response to a photo of him wearing a black and white Hawiian shirt “Seeing these photos, I think there is a whole line of Gaiman inspired beachwear now waiting to be made. Please call it Sandman.”  Ba-dum-pcha!)


Anyway, ComiCon.  For some reason the Westborough Baptist Church decided to picket ComiCon.  Evidently God Hates Mags.


Lots and lots of people get frothingly angry at WBC.  Or at least they do since they’ve been picketing the funerals of soldiers killed in Afghanistan or Iraq.  Back when they were only picketing the funerals of people murdered just because they were gay, not so much.


But I didn’t think at a Science Fiction/Comic/Media convention that the fans would get frothingly angry.  No, all that anger and disgust at these clueless evil bozos would be transformed in to mockery.  Derision.  Ridicule.  And in-jokes.  Because, really, that’s the best way to deal with clueless evil bozos.  Mock them until they have no influence at all.


So behold!  The fans at ComicCon protesting the WBC.  Beautiful.


I’m trying to decide which sign is my favorite.  The Star Trek: The Next Generation guy with his “God Hates Jedi” sign?  The “Magnets:  how the *%$#! do they work???” sign? (I’ve wondered the same thing myself) or Jesus with his “God Loves Every Body” sign.  I think I’ll go with that last one.


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