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The Science Fiction publisher Tor has a very nice blog.  Lots of interesting things and varied entries by many varied authors. Lately it's been "The 12 Doctors of Christmas" and before that a fortnight of steam punk posts.  There are on-going posts by Jo Walton (re-reading Patrick O'Brian, overview of the Hugo winners) and others.

Just now, they've got a poll asking you to nominate your picks for the Best SF and Fantasy Novels of the 2000s.

My picks, in no particular order, are as follows.  I've linked to excerpts of the books, if not the entire novel, where I could find them so you can read for yourself.

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Edit:  Mrs Jones has evidently stopped her chemotherapy, which wasn't helping any more according to her doctors.  I'm so sad.

Read Diana Wynne Jones.
You’ve never read a more interesting, diverse, and imagination-filled author.  Her books are wonderful, playful, serious, insightful, fun and interesting.
If you like her stuff, go to her web site ( and e-mail about it.  I’m afraid we may not have much time left to tell her how wonderful her stories are.
A list of her books is here:
And she wrote Howl’s Moving Castle. If you haven’t seen the Japanese Animation Film of this book, go do so immediately.  It’s fantastic!
I enjoy her books so much. Am delighted to see there are still a few I have not read.  She writes for every age and both sexes. Her imagination is boundless and whimsical.


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