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Long ago and far away, my mother made a glorious chopping block. It's free-standing. The top is made from solid blocks of different kinds of wood, glued together and sawn into a large (and very heavy) cylinder. Years ago, she moved into a smaller house and gave it to me as a Birthday present. Then she moved again, had room for it, missed it terribly, and asked for it back.

She's down-sizing again and just mailed it back again. A belated re-gifted Birthday present. ;-) Fed Ex delivered two huge boxes to the front porch. Without knocking. Just dumped them there on the damp porch and left. Right in front of the door. Did I mention how heavy they are? Ana Ilevna was trapped inside the house all day. It took both of us and some tricky maneuvering to get them away from the door and into the kitchen. Thanks, Fed Ex.

My Mother is a very thorough packer. Tons of tape. It takes AGES to get into a box she's packed, not to mention a surgical tray full of knives and scissors. This time, she let Fed Ex do the packing. They may be crap at blocking you into your house, but these boxes were well packaged. And (relatively) easy to get into.

Lots of Photos below the cut.

Here are the boxes in unopened glory. Left is base, right is block.

Two (count 'em, Mom, TWO) swift slashes of the knife later, and BAM, boxes are opened.

Pull out all the endless bags of form-fitting foam, and Behold! The Base and Block.

Here we have most-but-not-all of the bags of form-fitting foam.

And here is a close-up of those bags of foam. Punch them and WHOOSH! Evidently.

Here is the base, with bonus swatch of Pendleton Wool, and the bottom of the block.

Base, all set up.

Ta Da! My mother's incredible chopping block. I'm so glad to have it back. Love it so much. Thanks, Mom!!

Bonus Cat Cave (there's Leto Purrtreides). We may never be able to get those boxes out of the kitchen, now. ;-)


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