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Saturday March 13, 2010
I seem to have made kefir, a drinkable yogurt. Not what I had in mind.

I'll leave it heating longer; but if it doesn't behave itself by bedtime it's getting the whey drained out of it.

Not sure what went wrong. May not have heated the milk hot enough the first time. Or perhaps it was still too hot when I added the yogurt culture.

On a brighter note, Thai for birthday lunch. Yum!!
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Friday March 12, 2010
Bought plain yogurt tonight for the cultures. Milk heating now. On Sunday I should have my own yogurt!

It's got to cost less than buying little 6 ounce pots. And I can drain off some of the whey to make it Greek style if I want. And sweeten it with berries.

Lots of Indian recipes call for yogurt. Saag Panir, here I come!

Debating whether to talk about yogurt in the cheese class at the Daily Life Schola in May. Probably not. Though Roman 'cheese' included what we would think of as yogurt today. I made Roman fried honey balls for the cooking class two years ago using Greek yogurt as the 'cheese' since it made more sense than cheddar! :rolleyes:

Janet made Spanish bread last night. It makes three loaves so she did one plain, one rosemary, and one olive and walnut. This is the recipe she's going to use for the wood fired brick oven at the Schola. The rosemary was really good. Next time the plain goes into a bread pan so it makes better peanut butter toast.


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